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Reserve Sonny's Elvis Show for your Special Event!

* Sound Equipment/Stage Lighting/Elvis Show Packages *

and How to reserve Sonny's Elvis Show, and other Questions and Answers


Sound Equipment

We can run our Sound Systems with our P-4 Computer using State of the art Software, or without a Computer.

Small Sound System:

(Just because it small don't mean it doesn't sound good, this sound System has a very good sound).

2 JBL EON-G2 Pro Powered Speakers, Professional mixing sound console, Compressor, Eq, Effects Processor, Microphones-Cordless/Cord.

Large Sound System:

Up to 6000 Watts of power "WOW!", DTH Concert Speaker System (Main Room), Monitor Speaker 900 watts (Stage), 24-Channel Professional mixing sound console, State of the art Lexicon Effects Processors, Tube Compressor/Composer, Eq-Ultra Graph Pro 2 x 31 Bands, Two way and Three way (dbx-vsx) Stereo Electronic Crossovers, Microphones-Cordless Mic's/Sure Supercardioid condenser Cord Mic, Professional Stereo Power Amplifiers, 100ft. Snake to put the Sound Engineer in front of the Entertainer, Dual CD Player and much more!

Stage Lighting

Small Stage Lighting:

We usually set up just a few lights to set the mood, such as: 2 Rainbow lights, Star Ball or/and some Cans.

Large Stage Lighting:

(Sonny goes for the Space Odyssey look, after all that's what Elvis's Intro Song was).

Fiber Optic Curtain, (Just like looking at the Stars on a clear night).
Follow Spot, (Used when Sonny walks the Audience, and hands out Custom made Silk Scarves, Flower Leis and Teddy Bears!).
Two - 2' x 4' ELVIS Signs (Star pattern) that will stay on or blinks to the music, (2 way blinking pattern).
One - 4' x 8' Elvis figure with guitar (Star pattern) Sign that will stay on or blinks to the music (2 way blinking pattern).
Sparklers, Beamer, Warp, Strobe Light, Fog Machine (We don't always use the fog machine), Colored and White Cans, Rainbow lights, Colored (Red/Green/Blue) Light Bars, Rope Lights, Star Ball, Light Stands and Trusses, Light Controller, Chase Light Controllers, 100ft. Snake to put the light man in front of the stage area.
As you can see, Sonny has one of the best portable Elvis Show Light set ups and Sound System in the country! (It is something to see and hear).


Elvis Show, Packages

BRONZE: One Set ELVIS SHOW (30-60 min's), Small Light Set Up, Small Sound System (PA Equipment), One Elvis Costume.
SILVER: One Set ELVIS SHOW (30-60 min's), Full Light Show, Large Sound System (PA Equipment), One Elvis Costume.
GOLD: Two 45 min Sets ELVIS SHOW, Small Light Set Up, Small Sound System (PA Equipment), Two Elvis Costume.
GOLD PLUS: Two 45 min Sets ELVIS SHOW, Two Elvis Costumes, Full Light Show, Large Sound System (PA Equipment).
CUSTOM: You pick what you want! (Pick Custom, Then Pick Your Selections at: E-Mail Booking Form)


* How To Reserve Elvis Show/Other Questions and Answers *

How To Reserve Sonny's Elvis Show?

  1. You will need to provide us with your event information. Once you have done this and have submitted it to us, We will e-mail you or call you with all the information about Sonny's Elvis Show. Click Here to e-mail us your information, using our easy to use e-mail booking form.
  2. Soon after you have submitted your event information to us, you will receive an e-mail which will contain the (Elvis Show) bid for your event.
  3. Note: Make sure to check all your E-Mail, to make sure our reply didn't end up in your spam or junk mail. Look for E-mails that say Booking Info. Thank You


What will Sonny need from you?

A place to entertain (stage area) to the audience. Sonny has his own (equipment) sound and lights. For a Big Show, He would need: At least 20'ft wide by 15'ft deep and 8.5'ft high, for the equipment and for Sonny to do the show. They would need a area about 50-75'ft in front of the stage for the sound man, and a place to put a spot light. They will also need electrical power near the stage, sound man and spot light. For a small show they wouldn't need that much room. They may need a dressing room, and will need a parking area to load equipment in and out. Sonny has a motor home, (That will save you hotel expense by them staying in their Motor Home, they also can use the motor home for a dressing room.) they will need a place at the event address to park them over night, and electrical hook up. Other needs are noted on the contract and rider. Additional needs may include hotel rooms, meals, and other minor issues, if you have any questions about these details, Call or E-Mail us.


Other Questions and Answers

When you purchase Sonny's Elvis Show, you are paying for his experience, talent, production and popularity. The date of your event also affects the price. For example, holidays are always in great demand and will cost more. Location also affects the price, as we take into consideration traveling expenses. The type of show you are interested in. These items all affect the final price.

We do require a deposit by the purchaser and a signed contract; the remaining balance will be due on the day of the event or sooner.

We hope the info on this page was helpful!








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