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Press Kit

This Info and photos may be used for promoting Sonny's Elvis Show!

Minnesota Elvis Impersonator

Sonny Elvis Pearson

Photo of Sonny as Elvis!Sonny Elvis Pearson - Aug-2008

Nationally Known!

C & S Recording Artist!

Veteran Entertainer - since the 1970's!

Elvis Impersonator - Since 1996!


Bobby Bare, Suzy Bogguss, Juice Newton, Janie Fricke, Lacy J. Dalton, Johnny Green and the Greenmen, Marilyn Sellars, The Great Pretenders, Tommy Lee, The Canoise, The Embers, Dave Dudley, Mojo Buford, Betty Rydell, Cadillac's, Marvin Rainwater, Granny "L" and MANY MORE!


Sonny will be entertaining at the Stonecreek Jamboree (Aug 29-2009)!


Listen to Sonny sing! Click on MP3:

Crying In The Chapel MP3 / You Gave Me A Mountain MP3 / Suspicious Minds MP3 / It's Over MP3
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St. Joseph Newsleader

As a reporter and critic, I have seen hundreds of entertainments of all sorts, including some of the top acts in the business, but seldom have I seen a performer mesmerize a crowd like Sonny Pearson does as Elvis.
In the Alexandria, Minnesota area, I've seen Pearson perform his Elvis show four times. Each time, I was amazed at how Pearson/Elvis can grab an audience and hold it right in the palm of his hand. Pearson's uncanny talent, passion and energy as Elvis mesmerized the audiences. In fact, it was almost as enjoyable to watch the people entranced by his performance as it was to watch Pearson himself. On their faces was the kind of look often seen when an extraordinary sleight-of-hand magician works his magic - that look of awed enchantment.
Pearson, a phenomenal singer, really does make Elvis come alive. Pearson's got it all - magnificent costumes that sparkle and dazzle in the spotlight, gyrations and body language, explosive energy, a way of singing straight from the soul, and hypnotic moods that alternate, song to song, from timber-rattling rock n' roll to bittersweet sadness.
From the opening chords of Elvis's famous entrance music, Pearson commands the stage, wows the crowd and proceeds to deliver a show of non-stop excitement that builds steadily to a climax, leaving the audience panting for more. His love and respect for the great Elvis shines through in Pearson's outward attitude, his inner being and the way his voice caresses and rocks with the songs. A Pearson/Elvis show is truly something to see and to hear. At many moments in the show, Pearson/Elvis and the audience become one. A breathless hush pervades the entire room as the spirit and essence of the "King" hovers in the air. It's a remarkable phenomenon, much more than mere "imitation." Pearson's astonishing performance, in fact, brings the true Elvis right smack-dab into the memory, heart and soul of anyone lucky enough to be in that audience.
I would recommend Sonny Pearson's Elvis show to anyone - young, middle-aged, old. It's an astonishing, highly unforgettable performance not to be missed!
Dennis Dalman
St. Joseph Newsleader


Rock Country Hall Reunion

Rock Country Hall Reunion
Gene Jurek
Greatest Elvis show ever!!! And you can quote me on that!


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Sonny has been entertaining audiences since the 1970’s; (Elvis Shows since 1996) Sonny grew up in Mpls, and now he is living in central Minnesota.

Pearson has always loved music, his Mom was a singer and played Guitar, and his uncle played the drums. It was a slow process for sonny to become an Elvis Impersonator, that was not Sonny's go, but every time he tried to advance in the music business, all he heard was you sound to much like Elvis, Sonny wasn't sure what he should do next, then one night a very good friend (Virgil) said why don't you put on an Elvis show and see what happens, (Virgil has been after Sonny to do a Elvis show for years) Sonny finally said he would try one, Well the rest is history!

Pearson has entertained with many top artist in the music business, Sonny has also been in many news paper articles and has received great reviews on his Elvis Shows.

Sonny has not gave up on his goes yet, and maybe some day he will get the break he has been waiting for, Sonny has alot of heart and soul, and works very hard on his singing, you can hear it in every song he sings.

Sonny is now spending time at C & S Recording Studio, working on putting his own original music CD together, he hopes it will be done in a few months..! (check back for updates)........

Thank you, Thank you very much, for all your support! Sonny Elvis Pearson

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