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Sonny Elvis Pearson
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Minnesota Elvis Impersonator

Sonny Elvis Pearson is Back..!,

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, and he’s ready to Rock & Roll.

Sonny is now taking  bookings for 20??

Fans are always telling us, Sonny's Elvis Show is the best they have ever seen, and they have seen alot of them!


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Letters of recommendations!


Joyce Abers

Testimonial: I have been an Elvis fan since 1955. I had the pleasure of seeing Elvis in person in 1972 in Jacksonville, Fla. What a show....something I will never forget!!! January 31, 2009 I had the pleasure of seeing Sonny "s Elvis show at John O"s in Brooten.....I have seen many impersonators, but Sonny is undoubtedly the best...he sounds so much like Elvis and has a remarkable resemblance to Elvis!!! He really put feeling into his songs; the medley he sang were all my favorites, But the two songs that really moved me were Amazing Grace and American Trilogy. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and bringing back many memories of Elvis!!! It is one that I will never forget!!!!
Osakis, Minnesota


St. Joseph Newsleader

As a reporter and critic, I have seen hundreds of entertainments of all sorts, including some of the top acts in the business, but seldom have I seen a performer mesmerize a crowd like Sonny Pearson does as Elvis.
In the Alexandria, Minnesota area, I've seen Pearson perform his Elvis show four times. Each time, I was amazed at how Pearson/Elvis can grab an audience and hold it right in the palm of his hand. Pearson's uncanny talent, passion and energy as Elvis mesmerized the audiences. In fact, it was almost as enjoyable to watch the people entranced by his performance as it was to watch Pearson himself. On their faces was the kind of look often seen when an extraordinary sleight-of-hand magician works his magic - that look of awed enchantment.
Pearson, a phenomenal singer, really does make Elvis come alive. Pearson's got it all - magnificent costumes that sparkle and dazzle in the spotlight, gyrations and body language, explosive energy, a way of singing straight from the soul, and hypnotic moods that alternate, song to song, from timber-rattling rock n' roll to bittersweet sadness.
From the opening chords of Elvis's famous entrance music, Pearson commands the stage, wows the crowd and proceeds to deliver a show of non-stop excitement that builds steadily to a climax, leaving the audience panting for more. His love and respect for the great Elvis shines through in Pearson's outward attitude, his inner being and the way his voice caresses and rocks with the songs. A Pearson/Elvis show is truly something to see and to hear. At many moments in the show, Pearson/Elvis and the audience become one. A breathless hush pervades the entire room as the spirit and essence of the "King" hovers in the air. It's a remarkable phenomenon, much more than mere "imitation." Pearson's astonishing performance, in fact, brings the true Elvis right smack-dab into the memory, heart and soul of anyone lucky enough to be in that audience.
I would recommend Sonny Pearson's Elvis show to anyone - young, middle-aged, old. It's an astonishing, highly unforgettable performance not to be missed!
Dennis Dalman
St. Joseph Newsleader


Rock Country Hall Reunion

Greatest Elvis show ever!!! And you can quote me on that!
Rock Country Hall Reunion
Gene Jurek


Intersoft Midwest, Inc.

Mr. Sonny Pearson
Yesteryears Entertainment

Dear Sonny,
I would like to thank you for the excellent "Elvis" show put on by you and your people.
Everyone was overwhelmed by the total quality of the show.
The audience consisted of teachers, homemakers, attorneys, retirees, young people under
10, senior bank executives, sales people-there was even an IRS agent in the crowd.
Everyone continues to rave about your performance. Your performance reaches
For me, the fee I paid for your show is just about the best money I have ever spent. Sure
it is over in an evening, but the memories will go on forever.
Thanks for giving us an evening which will never be forgotten! Please feel free to utilize
me for reference anytime.
Ronald D. Renner


American Legion Post #59

For New Years Eve, I hired Yesteryears Entertainment (Sonny 'Elvis' Pearson) to perform at the American Legion in Montevideo, MN. He put on an excellent performance and brought a lot of business to this establishment. I would highly recommend Sonny and would hire him again.
Sincerely, Catherine A. Thompson (Manager)


Stonecreek Jamboree

The largest Pot-Luck and Music/Entertainment Jamboree in Mid-West MN.

Thank you is simply not enough for helping us to make our 2006 Stonecreek Music Potluck Jamboree a huge success. Your professionalism and stage demeanor is far superior than most impersonators we have ever seen. We look forward to working with you this winter on our Best of the Best talent search and on the 2007 Jamboree as well. We are ever confident that you will again wow the crowd with your outstanding act.
Stonecreek Jamboree/Mike and Amy Jorgenson

Sonny also played there 2007, and he is booked back there for 2008.


Fairfax Civic & Commerce Association (Annual Banquet)

The banquet committee members would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for attending tonight.
Special thanks to Sonny "Elvis" Pearson and "Granny L" for their outstanding entertainment.
Fairfax, Minnesota Annual Banquet

News Paper Articles!

Echo Press

Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis Pearson In Minnesota leaves fan's all shook up

When Sonny debuted as an Elvis Impersonator at the Minnewaska House Supper Club in 1996!

After singing 90 Elvis Presley songs Saturday night, an exhausted Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis Pearson plans to rest, the night before, Elvis Impersonator Sonny sang another 90 Elvis Presley songs when he debuted as an Elvis Impersonator at the Minnewaska House Supper Club, Glenwood MN. For two nights, and two shows each night, audiences smiled, whistled approval and applauded warmly as Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis Pearson sang virtually non-stop. Many women gave catcalls or emitted swooning sighs as "Elvis" gyrated his pelvis, shook his leg and swung his right arm like an energetic windmill. Dressed in a blinding-white suit complete with shiny rivets, Minnesota Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis Pearson delivered all of the Elvis Presley classics - early rock, blues, ballads, show tunes. All the while, colored lights blinked and flashed, a spotlight swept the stage, and wisps of fog filled the air. In a lighter moment, Pearson's assistant Keith shined a spotlight on him, showing the singer's beads of facial perspiration. "It's about 60 or 70 degrees outside right now," said Pearson. "Well, it's about 370 degrees inside this Elvis suit." Some women yelled for (Minnesota Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis) Pearson to cool off, to take off the Elvis suit. Janis Waller of Morris was thrilled when Pearson handed her a scarf. "I have a scarf that the real Elvis Presley gave me over 20 years ago," she said, opening her wallet at the end of the show. In her wallet was a ticket, dated October 16, 1976 - a ticket to an Elvis performance in Duluth, MN. "I was right in the front row and that's when I got a scarf from Elvis," she said. "and that was 10 months before he died. He was awesome, he was beautiful, he was a hunk. I've always been an Elvis fan and I always will be. I have Elvis decanters, Elvis photos, and all his movies." Pearson's Elvis show, brought back allot of memories for Waller. "This guy (Minnesota Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis Pearson) has a wonderful, wonderful voice," she said. "He was just great. Linda Lorenz of Alexandria is also a big-time Elvis fan. "This guy is hard to beat," she said of Pearson. "He's the best Elvis imitator I've seen, and I've seen three of them." "He just sizzles!" said Cathy Bowers of Alexandria.

Elvis imitator (Minnesota Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis) grew up loving music

Seventy-nine-year-old O. N. Perkins of Morris, grinning ear to ear, sat enthralled in the front row during the first saturday night show. "I like Elvis," he said. "I really liked him when he did his Hawaiian show (1968)." Elvis appeal is apparently not limited to the middle-aged and old. At the Saturday show, a 20-year old woman named Stacy sighed about Elvis mage. "I was born two months after he died," she said. "But my grandma Doris always played his records and she and I would jitterbug to his music. Elvis was great; I really like it when this Elvis (Minnesota Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis) shakes his butt." After his first two Elvis Shows Sonny Elvis Pearson has more admiration than ever for the "King" of rock 'n roll. "I didn't know how hard Elvis worked until I did those Elvis shows," said Pearson. "Year after year, Elvis put out that kind of energy, and he made it all look so simple." Deciding to become an Elvis performer was a slow process for Pearson, Pearson grew up loving music, thanks partly to his mother, Barb, who was a singer in a band, and to his musician uncle. Pearson remembers how shy and terrified he was when some friends called him to the stage to sing. He sang your cheatin' heart, fumbling the words, and then recovered on Elvis's Teddy Bear. Many people told Pearson that he sounds allot like Elvis, and others urged him to do an all-Elvis show.....................


Elvis Impersonator, Sonny Elvis Pearson Was The

Headliner For The Great American Extravaganza

Great American Extravaganza, Mille Lacs Lake, Malmo Bay Lodge


MN. Ballroom Operators Association Newspaper. Entertainment Bits. Volume 27, No. 6.
Sonny 'Elvis Pearson wows crowd

The audience in Don's Ballroom at Evansville, was visibly antsy with anticipation just before "Elvis Presley" was about to appear and take center stage on a hot night in late August. As colored lights flashed across the stage, the famous opening chords of an Elvis appearance began to blare from the speakers. Wisps of stage fog hovered. And suddenly, there he was before their very eyes: Elvis Presley belting out "C.C. Rider." Well, the way the audience roared its approval, you'd think it WAS Elvis the Pelvis, the "King" himself. "Oh, he's just like HIM!" a woman squealed with delight to her female friend. "I swear it's HIM." "I think I just died and went to heaven!" her friend said in a swooning voice. Elvis, in this case, was master singer and impressionists Sonny Pearson, who has been wowing audiences for years with his Elvis show. In Don's Ballroom, Pearson/Elvis had a spellbound audience in the palm of his hand for two hours of non-stop entertainment, complete with magical lighting, costume changes that included a black suit with thousands of hand-sewn rivets and rhinestones, and a voice that sounded uncannily like the "real thing." During some numbers, Pearson/Elvis walked down into the audience and sang face-to-face to women as he placed Hawaiian leis or scarves around their necks. the women, slightly embarrassed to be in the spotlight but utterly entranced, touched Elvis tenderly and blushed deeply as he kissed their cheeks.................................


Rock Country Hall Reunion

We found him (Elvis)! He's not dead! He's coming to the reunion.

He's been living in Minnesota!.....................................

Minnesota Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis Pearson


The 'King' Sings In St. Joseph
St. Joseph, Newsleader

Elvis Presley (aka Sonny Elvis Pearson) wowed the crowds Sunday at EL Paso Bar and Restaurant in St. Joseph. Pearson was one of many old-time rockers who performed at the "Rock and Country Reunion," an event that attracted well over 1,000 people from just about every state in the country....................................


Aging rockers gather in St. Joseph for blast-from-the-past reunion

Another highlight of the reunion was a rare appearance by Elvis (aka Sonny Elvis Pearson) Presley who wowed the crowd with a half-hour performance, complete with gold-riveted black suit, scarves, leis and teddy bears tossed to the audience. Pearson performs as Elvis throughout the country, sometimes in grueling three-hour shows........................................


St. Cloud Times
Old rockers band together

Elvis showed up to play a set. Sonny Pearson (Minnesota Elvis Impersonator Sonny Elvis Pearson) referred to by many as "The King," came to the reunion to rock the house, Pearson, who has been in the music business since the 1970s' ..............."Elvis had a gift in what he did. The performance on stage is not easy, and I truly have alot of respect for him," Pearson said.....................



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